Gemmiti Model Art is set up to repair, update and maintain your existing models.

Our skilled staff is expert at rebuilding ships, aircraft, trains and repairing complex architectural models.  If your product model was dropped or someone left your model in the sun, we know what to do to bring your model back to its original condition, and in some cases, improve upon the quality at the same time.

We are also called upon to modify models to reflect the latest design.  These updates can often be achieved when you believe that such a task is not possible to accomplish.  Contact us to discuss this possibility before deciding that a new model is necessary or the old model can no longer be used because it has lost its relevance or value.  You may be surprised at what can be done and how overall cost can be saved.

If your model is too large to be covered with an acrylic dust cover, has moving parts, is portable or hand-held, we can set up a maintenance schedule to keep your model in top shape.  The frequency of maintenance varies from model to model and depends on the use of the model, but are typically set up quarterly or biannually.  When we are working with you in establishing the scope of work for your model, consider the need for a maintenance schedule as an option to include.

Contact Us

Contact us to repair your model or set up a maintenance schedule:

Gemmiti Model Art™
2131 Folsom Street
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Phone: 415.252.7536