Gemmiti Model Art will photograph your models.

We are set up to photograph scale models.  Our photo studio is well equipped with high-end digital strobes, a seamless backdrop, and a huge blue sky.

We photograph models using a Canon EOS 1DS and will provide raw images, TIFs, and JPGs as needed.

The benefit of having Gemmiti Model Art photograph your models is our experience with models.  We are well versed in the subject of scale model design, constructions, lighting, and have photographed hundreds of models over the years, so we can turn around a set of excellent images very quickly and on very short notice.

Our approach to model photography is to establish a story, within which you will find one or more “money shots” for you to feature in publications and presentations.  The story is excellent to have for archival and reference purposes as documentation of the details of your project.

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Contact us for photography scheduling and pricing:

Gemmiti Model Art™
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Phone: 415.252.7536