Gemmiti Model Art is set up to turn around laser-cut parts directly from your CAD files fast, often overnight, with two laser machines, run by experienced model makers to accommodate any special requirements and offer advice for best results.

Our 50 watt and 100 watt lasers will precisely and delicately cut and score paper products, wood, plywood, cork, fabric, leather and plastics (except PVC.)

You can prepare a score layer and etched a pattern onto any of these materials to add simple or complex detail to your model.  Overall, adding scoring does not substantially increase the cost.  Just keep in mind that the tighter the pattern the higher the cost.

Our maximum cutting area is 17.75”  x 31.75” and depending on the material, up to 1/2” thick.

You can provide your own material or we can supply it.  We can add a sticky-back tape for ease of assembly.  For complex layouts, we use a light tacking tape to hold the cut parts in their original locations on the sheets so that you do not have a puzzle.

We do provide cost estimates, but the final cost of your laser-cut parts is determined by actual run time, plus labor and materials.  To save on labor cost, prepare your files according to our Instructions for Preparing CAD Files for Laser Cutting.  We offer a 20% discounts for students and free advice.

Preparing CAD Files for Laser Cutting

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