The cutting area of our 5-axis DMS CNC router is 5’ x 10’ x 3’, although when cutting very large blocks of foam, you need to allow 18” in the part size for our longest and strongest cutting bit.  We also have a 3-axis CNC machine to cut your smaller parts.

Industrial Designers

If you are a industrial designer, Gemmiti Model Art can machine your parts to a very high level of finish, ready for paint – and can paint it, too, if needed.  A benefit to having profession model makers machine your parts is that we have experience with a wide range of design applications and will make recommendations on the appropriate material, depending on the purpose of the part and the desired finish.


If you are a sculptor, Gemmiti Model Art will scan your maquette and machine your piece to a finish level that is needed, depending on the next step of your sculpting process, saving time and money when rough passes are all you need.

Architects &  Landscape Architects

If you are an architect who builds models in house, a landscape architect, a student or anyone needing a three-dimensional shape, such as a topographic model base, we can machine it from rigid polyurethane foam, wood (depending on the purpose, we often recommend using basswood as it has the lightest grain pattern), or layers of plywood for a contour effect that is compelling and artful.

Additionally, Gemmiti Model Art can build your topo from layers of material, if you desire a stepped-contour effect.  We could also produce layered topo bases by using our laser cutter, depending on the material, the size and thickness of the layers.

Parts, such as roof parts, can be molded and cast to save time and expense in duplicates, and thin parts, such as roof sections, awnings, canopies, etc. can be vacuum formed from a CNC-machined form.

Since the advent of CAD, design in architecture has grown more and more toward complex organic shapes.  Gemmiti Model Art is fully equipped to meet the demands of design today, whether you need simple forms for shape studies or very complex 3D parts that are outside of for your in-house capabilities. We are here to help you get your model completed.

Artists & Craftsmen

Our large format 5-axis CNC router gives us the capability to cut full-size sculptures, furniture pieces, cabinetwork and a number of other types of 3-dimensional work that would save you a ton of time compared to doing the work by hand.  Whether we scan a small piece and machine it large for you, or you provide a 3D file ready for programming in our CAM software, Gemmiti Model Art has the equipment and talent to help you get the job done.


If you manufacture a product or are developing a product to be manufactured, Gemmiti Model Art can machine a short run of parts for testing, prototyping or pattern making to be subsequently molded or mass produced.  The benefit to having professional model makers machine your parts in the early stages of product development is that we can offer our years of experience and expertise to machine the parts in the most efficient way.  Doing this in the design development stages also allows you greater freedom to make changes before making final decisions on tooling. Additionally, you can use our model making services to assemble and finish the parts, thus fully simulating the appearance of your product.

The materials typically used in model making include:

rigid polyurethane foam
expanded polystyrene (EPS)
composites (Renshape, modeling board, etc.)
plastics (ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic, etc.)