Title plaques and labels are generally laser-cut and etched and are painted the color of the part for a clear, but subtle effect.  They can  also be silkscreened in multiple colors, made of wood and other materials, depending on the materials used on the model.

Labels can be etched into the surface of a part or added as a thin name tag.

Transport Boxes, Cases & Shipping Crates

Some models need to be stored or routinely transported.  For this requirement, we can construct a transport box made of Gatorfoam.  These boxes are rigid and durable and will protect your model during transportation.  Particularly fragile models are also foam-lined.  These are simple, fast, and relatively inexpensive solutions for model storage and transportation.

When time allows and a model is designed to go on the road, a durable case is the appropriate solution.  Cases are custom designed and are well worth the cost if a model is intended to travel and be shipped a lot.

Our wood shipping crates are designed to be reused, if needed, and are made of pressure treated plywood to meet international shipping requirements.  Having shipped models all over the world, we know what is required in terms of crate design to keep them stable and safe during shipping.

Contact us when you need a title plaque, label, transport box, case, or shipping crate.

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