Wilson’s Landing at Palmetto Bluff Bluffton, SC
1/16"=1 scale 80" x 48" x 14"

Wilson’s Landing is a community that is reminiscent of the past.  Cobblestone streets, gas lanterns, the Inn, a general store, a chapel, and an old fashioned real estate office frame a park containing the historical remnants of RT Wilson’s dream mansion.  This is an exquisite development with lush surroundings.  Our job was to capture the magic of Wilson’s Landing and feature the new boat storage, marina, and spa components of the resort portion of the development.   The marshy quality of the river’s edge, the tall pine trees, and screened-in porches (with actual miniature screen) are modeled in realistic detail, while future phases are shown in mass form on removable pieces that will be updated as the project is further developed.