UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Berkeley, CA
1"=20' scale 23" x 29" x 3"

This model was made to study a fairly intricate architectural revision and update.  To keep the presentation simple yet informative, we constructed the model from chipboard.  Gray chipboard is a nice alternative to its more common brown counterpart, though the latter is better at hiding laser cutting burn marks.  As you can see, the courtyard was incomplete. The construction of a model out of paper products allows for revision.  The architect will typically use this type of model as a design tool to study various solutions until they are ready to present once again.  At that point in time, the model is returned to us for rebuilding to the latest scheme.  A high quality scale model, whether made of paper, wood, or plastic, is always more effective and less distracting in a design presentation.  Luckily for us, most architects leave that job to the professionals!