Renzo Piano California Academy of Sciences Green Roof San Francisco, CA
1”=14’ scale 35" x 22" x 6"

This was one of the first pieces created on our 5-axis CNC router.  Both sides were machined from a solid block of wood. To most people who see it for the first time, however, it seems as though we softened and warped the wood somehow. The acrylic spheres represent the actual spherical structures in the museum.  This was meant to be an abstract representation of the green roof; more a piece of Model Art™ than simply a model.  It is on display at the Autodesk Design Museum in San Francisco.  In early 2011, it traveled to New York City for display in a “green architecture” exhibit at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum.  This particular piece was chosen over other models because it met museum quality requirements, but it is Renzo Piano’s design concept that makes it so elegant and compelling—a great place to visit in Golden Gate Park!