Nucleotide Models
1:1 scale 39" x 7" x 1"

These models were made in two different sizes and in several different configurations.  Each set was made up of two parts, allowing the attorney to physically show how the pieces fit.  The first round of nucleotide models were water-jet cut because they were made of expanded PVC foam board, a material that cannot be laser cut.  Subsequent sets were milled on our CNC machine.  We chose this material because the long, thick pieces needed to be lightweight and durable for extensive handling.  Foam would have been too fragile and acrylic would have been too heavy.  Additionally, if one was dropped, it likely would have chipped or split in half.  Clearly, we think about these factors quite a bit for models that are apparently quite simple.  It’s in our DNA or, as we like to say, “Gemetics.”