NovaForm Pod
1"=1' scale 16" x 12" x 10"

We built two models for Beeline Group to use in their presentation to help the manufacturers present their products to retail buyers in a new and inviting way.  The NovaForm Showroom model was built at a smaller scale to show the layout, flow, and spa-like experience of the new showroom.  The NovaForm Pod display unit was built at a larger scale, allowing us to use real wood for the Wenge wood shelves and sewn fabric for the pillows and the bedding.  We also modeled all of the structural elements and hardware of the display unit, which allowed us to show the details of the custom design and the actual finishes and textures—in particular, the effect of the light passing through the frosted center panel.  These models illustrate the kinds of details that are so difficult to get a real feel for with two-dimensional renderings.