Mission Bay East San Francisco, CA
1/16"=1' scale 156" x 82" x 10"

Twenty-five years ago, we made ‘planning models’ that projected the growth of San Francisco over the following few decades.  The development and growth seemed a bit unreal, given the population and activity of the city at the time.  Today, however, Mission Bay—once a vast empty space in the southern section of San Francisco—is a growing community that supports science, technology, housing, and a university.  We’ve had the opportunity to build several projects for San Francisco Mission Bay, as seen throughout our portfolio.  Thinking back to a time when only vast, empty space lay before a downtown high-rise, it is still intriguing how a group of people can embrace an idea that will shape the fabric of a community and work together for decades to come.  It has been an honor to be part of that group.