Mahukona Club Site
1"=40' scale 36" x 36" x 2"

The use of cork is a low-tech approach to the construction of models that will never completely go out of fashion.  It’s natural earthy quality, consistent texture, and size variety make it a tried and true material for site models.  Since laser cutting burns cork black, each of these fine layers (.050″ or 2′ high contours at this scale) was hand-cut and bonded to complete the 45′ of vertical rise.  Usually, it is more practical to machine a smooth topo out of foam, especially when the number of contour layers would make it very labor intensive to hand cut out of cork.  On site models of this size and complexity, however, it is still a viable option.  An added benefit of using cork is the ability to pin elements to its surface—it supports the rigors of design and retains its pristine quality.