Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital Palo Alto, CA
1/16"=1' scale 40" x 40" x 12"

Models of hospitals are made for fundraising and design review purposes, as well as for obtaining community support and city approval.  It is a long, complex, and challenging process as the developer seeks to satisfy all parties, while taking substantial financial risks.  Imagine being one of the people responsible to design and pay for a hospital that will take many years to build and need to accommodate future technologies.  In order to balance these factors, one has to start on very solid ground.  Scale models provide a tool that communicates intent, from initial volume studies, as this particular model served, to the intricacies of every minute louver and eyebrow.  Subsequently, we were assigned the task of working on a larger scale model of this very same project.  Of course, a model is not a ‘crystal ball’ into the future, but it does bring people together, giving voice to critical points of view, and allowing individuals to focus on real issues and come together, as a team, to make it real.