Kuki’o Residence North Kona, Hawaii
1/8"=1' scale 16" x 35" x 10"

The classic wood model is still preferred by architects who feel that the best way celebrate the beauty of design is to focus on the simplicity of its form.  We routinely build models with accurate paint finishes and material textures, but it is always pleasant to return to the scent and feel of wood, as we cut and shape it.  The challenge of building a great wood model is in the precision and fit of the parts as filling gaps in wood is not an option.  Much satisfaction and appreciation is derived from the simplicity of clean fitting parts, such as the carved rock shapes that fit tightly, yet organically, against the formal stairs of this model.  While there are equally simple ways to depict landscaping, this model’s budget allowed us to show planting texture much more realistically, thereby creating a contrast that compliments the wood and brings both aspects of the design to life.