Jurong Gateway Hospital Singapore
1:1000 scale 16" x 13" x 4"

There are so many layers of detail packed into this tiny-scale competition model that we relished the look on the architect’s face at first sight of the finished product—a design they likely agonized over day and night to perfect.  This little model had it all and felt fully detailed.  For us, being able to produce it with such high quality results was a proud accomplishment.  We loved the cooling system solar panel airfoil roof design.  In order reduce cooling costs and the environment impact of the design (its actual location being two degrees from the equator), we came up with an elegant solution to circulate the air through the roof.  We laser-scored and heat formed super thin material to be as true to scale as possible.  The top curved up and the bottom curved down.  The trick was in the finish and assembly: it had to be light, while still reading like solar panels, and with very few places to attach parts to each other and to the building.