HP Store
1/2"=1' scale 22" x 42" x 12"

We have worked with Beeline Group for many years to produce winning point-of purchase models for their presentations to companies such as Nike and Sony. This model was made for a design competition and, as with all competitions, the designers had to fast track their work concurrently with our building of it.   There is nothing more gratifying than being part of an inspired team, carefully choosing the proper representation of every element.  Rather than laser-scoring the pattern of the wood floor, we laid miniature planks, as you would actual wood flooring.  The carpet was represented with perfect color-matched ultra suede, its texture at this scale being accordingly appropriate.  The HP brand was creatively incorporated throughout the model with dozens of scaled down replicas of its products: digital cameras, printers, computers, and ink cartridge boxes.  While Beeline used several excellent drawings and renderings to propose their concepts, the unveiling of the model and the excitement it created raised the bar for the other competitors.  We were proud to be part of the winning design team.