Hacienda Cabo Phase I Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
1:200 metric scale 47” x 69" x 20"

The designer and developer team on this project wanted to make sure we were sensitive to the artistry of their design and what was required of us to make this a successful model.  With our company’s focus on Model Art™ this project was a perfect match for our talents and skills.  While building the model, we created watercolor techniques to properly ‘age’ the adobe walls, overspray techniques to create a mottled effect on the roof tiles, and painted each individual stone in the pathways and buildings by hand.  All in all, we put thousands of hours into the building of this model.  During construction architects from Hart Howerton were often in our shop, collaborating on the details.  We have worked with them on a number of projects over the years and our input on their presentations is a valued and an important part of the process.  When the model was finished we traveled to Cabo to hand deliver it to the sales team.  The members of this team have extensive experience with high-end sales all over the world and many commented that it was the best model they had ever seen.