DeSilva Court, Hedgpeth Mill Valley, CA
1/4"=1' scale 51" x 41" x 14"

Reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, this beautiful home in Mill Valley sits, literally, atop San Francisco Bay.  The developer/builder asked that we make this model “as realistic as possible,” and we welcomed the challenge, both aesthetically and technically.  Features included the interior spiral staircase, fireplace, kitchen, exterior finishes and landscaping, as well as a modeled piece of the bay.  Every color and texture was painstakingly selected and tested until it was just right: look carefully at the “bark” on the tree!  Ron Marian, master model maker for over 35 years, was responsible for this great work of Model Art™.  As a side note, this image was captured during an impromptu roadside photo session, on the way to the sales office!