Callaway Golf Kiosk
1:6 scale 13" x 8" x 14"

The challenge for this project, a tabletop point-of-purchase display for Callaway Golf Clubs, was meeting a tight deadline.  Built in a week, while the designers were still perfecting the details, there was barely enough time for the paint to dry on the way to the airport before handing it off to the designers, who were hand-carrying it to a presentation in London.  The rapid turnaround is all the more impressive because of the number of separate processes and different materials involved in constructing the model.  We frosted, tinted, and heat-formed the bent green glass panels.  We made master forms of the golf club heads and cast them, giving us an efficient way to fill the racks and enabling potential clients to get a feel for the design.  The stand itself was sculpted and the aluminum frames were hand-painted.  The hardware, integral to the design, had to be modeled to exact scale.  Attaching the curved wood panels to the aluminum frames meant finding a creative solution to a design that required space between the frames and the panel.  Even our choices about the logo were deliberate—we used metal etching instead of a painted logo to accentuate brand’s prestige.