California Pacific Medical Center at Cathedral Hill San Francisco, CA
3/32"=1' scale 81" x 34" x 30"

Can you imagine a better tool than a scale model for rallying a community around a big hospital project?  Hundreds of questions are instantly answered.  The architecture is understood by merely walking up to the model for a closer look.  Renderings are great, but will never deliver the same experience as a physical model.  A model is made precisely to scale as a true representation, so there is no concern of forced perspective or other surprises later.  This addresses a myriad of concerns from neighbors and city planning departments.  The model was made from wood and acrylic with added touches of light to effectively pull you into the spaces as if you were walking within them, rather than just hovering above them.  The design is modern, open, and inviting, which makes it easy for us to deliver a compelling piece of Model Art™.