Bay Bridge Main Span Tower Section Oakland, CA
1:300 scale 96" x 36" x 40"

This model was one of the original entries in the most recent Bay Bridge design competition, and it has also been used in public presentations, design review meetings, news reports, and even a groundbreaking ceremony.  While designing this model, we realized that the strength and durability of the suspension cables was critical.  The model would be moved from site to site and the cable system needed to be durable.  Since the cables themselves were delicate and long, we wanted to make sure they didn’t disconnect or bend, so we made them from a cloth-covered elastic band material.  They did eventually need replacing as they lost their elasticity, but only after over 10 years of constant use!  We recently updated the model adding light standards, belvederes (pedestrian turn-outs), and a fresh coat of paint.