Bay Bridge Main Span Tower Mockups Oakland, CA
1:1 scale

Tower Anchorage Mockup (11’-4” x 13’-0” x 10’-0”)
Tower Splice Mockup at elev. 114.0m (13’-5” x 10’-1” x 14’-9”)
Tower Section Mockup at elev. 89.0m (13’-5” x 10’-1” x 13’-1”)

These full-scale mockups were made for the purpose of design accessibility.  While a small scale model can clearly communicate components and their corresponding relationships, the only way to have absolute confidence that a person with an oversized wrench can get into narrow internal spots during assembly of the tower, was to actually build it to scale.  We constructed full-sized mockups of the most rigorous segments so that the engineers and contractors, themselves, could climb in, move panels, and tighten bolts.  This addressed their concerns, answered their questions, and boosted their confidence in the structural plans.  These models also helped save time and money by streamlining the bidding process for the contractors.