499 Illinois Street San Francisco, CA
1/16"=1' scale 47" x 59" x 11"

499 Illinois is one of a number of new buildings being designed and developed specifically to support the biotech industry in the San Francisco Mission Bay Neighborhood.  The project’s compelling architecture, it’s surrounding public park, and ideal location at the edge of San Francisco Bay formed the foundation for what would become a great collaboration between the City, developers, architects, and model makers!  We were all present at the City Planning Board meeting in a show of support for the project.  The members of the Board were impressed by this and, to greater degree, by the depth and clarity of detail in the presentation—a stellar ending!  We at Gemmiti Model Art are proud to have helped gain approval for this project, not only though our model, but also through our Minority Business Enterprise Certification, which helped satisfy City of San Francisco diversity requirements.