At Gemmiti Model Art, we are committed to the quality of communication through physical representations of a concept.

While we strive towards art with every model built, the term has transcended to be a type of model that has a more lasting artistic value.  In this new category, a Model Art™ piece is destined for a gallery to be shared and sold as fine art.

In addition to making Model Art™ for commercial purposes, we are commissioned to produce your vision as Model Art™ for yourself or as precious and unique gifts.  Your creative vision can be realized and expressed in physical form as a piece of Model Art™.

Our founder, Lisa Gemmiti, draws from her 30 year career as a designer and model artist to both design her own pieces of Model Art™ and set the standard for all models produced at Gemmiti Model Art.

That is Model Art™.  We felt so strongly about the value of quality models as art that we trademarked the term.

For more information on commissioning a piece of Model Art™ to your specifications, contact us to establish the scope of work and cost.

To purchase or showcase a piece of Model Art™ by Lisa Gemmiti for display in museums, building lobbies, libraries, and other public spaces, or for your home or private office, please contact us for more information on available pieces and viewing.