Gemmiti Model Art is located in the Mission District of San Francisco.  We occupy an 8,600 square foot fully-renovated studio in a warehouse that was originally built to assemble WWII aircraft.

The work produced by our model artists is done from scratch in our facility, with only a few specialty subcontracted service exceptions.

Our Model Making studio includes:

a design studio
an assembly shop
an equipment area (with 2 CNC machines and full compliment of shop equipment)
a laser room (with 2 laser cutters)
a host of miniature machine tools, specially made for model making
hardware and stock materials areas
a fully-stocked landscaping area
a custom model tree making
a vacuum forming area
a sand blasting area
a mold making and casting area
a paint room
a photo studio
and a Model Art™ gallery

We employ 10-15 full-time staff members and can call upon an extended network of resources at a moment’s notice.  Whether your project requires the sculpting and painting skills of a fine artist, the high-tolerance precision of a journeyman machinist, or the engineering skills of a 30-year veteran professional model maker, we have the resources and people that can make it happen.

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Contact us to schedule a tour of our studio:

Gemmiti Model Art™
2131 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Phone: 415.252.7536

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