Or why, in the words of the former rugby player Stefano Iezzi, who married a teammate, “the homosexual is associated with the idea of ​​weakness and delicacy.

The surprise is only in the ears of the listener: sexual orientation, like skin color, is one of thousands of features that represent us, not “the” feature. But I understand the difficulty of an athlete, who maybe think of ruining his career. ” GalleriaSupercoppa: the Egonu with girlfriend The dedication of rachele – The sports environment it limits the possibility of going out quietly into the open especially in certain disciplines, and in the male world.

A circumstance that according to Dr. Stephen Becagli, clinical psychologist and sport, gives life to it incompletely athletes: “Men especially tend to hide to keep balances stereotypes associated with their athlete figure, that is strong and virile person.

Among the women, who are seen as more fragile, coming out it is more widely accepted. ” Or why, in the words of the former rugby player Stefano Iezzi, who married a teammate, “the homosexual is associated with the idea of ​​weakness and delicacy. Men are afraid to come out because they fear being injured so their image of sports and male, which however does not happen if you are talking about women. ” From icons like Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova, the list is long.

Surely more than that of boys. “But there are two that in 2013 they did so with their Coming Out: Jason Collins, the first to do it in the NBA, and Tom Daley, the famous diver, who also became a father recently,” testifies Rachele Bruni, our beautiful silver in the 10 km swim in Rio in 2016 that, devoting happened to Dorothy companion, became the first Italian Olympic medalist to declare his homosexuality. “A normal gesture, because I grew up with the dream of going to the Games and I have worked hard to achieve it: the right to share the joy with those who have supported me to get on that podium.” After that, people’s reactions were different, “but prevailed affection. For me nothing I have changed because I’ve always lived my free and happy life: do not say it was all always and immediately easy, but I have never been afraid to face it.

Neither of hiding, even in the world of swimming. ” “It is not only in sports that female homosexuality is more accepted than male ‘, testifies still Vecchioni,” generally gay women are almost invisible, because it is a social phenomenon that is hardly considered. The lesbian woman is the first male sex drive, is a category of YouPorn and then, perhaps, even a woman who has his own emotions.

There is a gender discrimination also towards gay women. ” in football – That, however, seem to “redeem” in football, at www 1xbet least in the words of one that football – male and female – knows it well: Antonio Cabrini, having played and coached, was c.t. the blue from 2012 to 2017. “Having the world of football a Latin mentality, very male, you are more tolerant of a homosexual relationship between women,” says immediately. And if in his day ‘was a taboo subject, I have never seen a gay football player and if there was, was good at hiding, “now” maybe talk about it, but it is still difficult to declare: not for the group, the team, but for everything that revolves around, the fans.

If you enter a stadium with 50,000 people, out of ignorance, you tease you because you’re gay, well, it’s not pleasant. Neither is if they give the kettle black, but now accepts it, maybe you turn around and say “six horned you too. ‘” And then there’s the business – In the women’s game, however, there is much less silence. “There, the relationship is more” libertine “,” best explains Cabrini, “however, because it is a world that is born by saying” you play football, you’re a man. ” It is a male dominated sport, it is very gay, but I must say that in my nearly five years as c.t.

I never had problems of any kind. Or rather talk quietly with the players, without embarrassment, for them it is a normal thing. ” But woe to generalize, “People mistakenly think that in our discipline are all gay,” it goes against the English Lianne Sanderson, star of Juventus Women, which this year in Turin plays with his girlfriend, Ashley Nick. “In the men on the contrary you think you can not be a player and be homosexual, which to me is ridiculous.

Also because we are not defined by our sexuality, and everyone has the right to be what he wants and if he wants to talk about it. ” When she did it, “the reaction of the people has been great: surprisingly got no bad tweet or insults, but in any case nothing would prevent me from being always myself.” And it is the transparency which, according to Francesca Flack, need to focus, “Today an athlete is a brand, a trademark, so it must be true. The business is not stupid: sometimes where it does not carry the heart, bring money.

We proved to the research in collaboration with Professor Sandro Castaldo Bocconi and Focus Management. The figure is striking: we are talking about almost 17% more revenue from those companies perceived as more inclusive by consumers and consumers. It is something that taps into our innermost: reject products that do not represent us and we choose the brands that most are able to speak at all, it is by gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or ethnicity. ” Dr.

Becagli, who works with the players, a different view: “It’s a world where there are many economic interests that lead to cover the” scandals “, so over time some gay footballers have invented relationships with wives and girlfriends. In addition, many state contracts prohibit sexual orientation and, a few years ago, FIFA has issued a ban on kissing after realizing a goal. In the past, many sponsors have abandoned or fined their testimonials that have come out.

Fortunately there are changes, for example, Adidas has included a clause whereby you agree not to modify or terminate the contract in case of coming out. ” Doing it, however, remains difficult: “The fear comes from the fact that you do not want to improve a situation of alienation that already lives in to hide their sexual orientation,” continues the Milanese psychologist. “On the contrary, doing so means getting rid of a” burden “and this can only help also in the improvement of sports performance.” An aid for themselves and for others: “After Rio many have written to me telling me that I have given them the strength to deal with themselves and with others a topic that unfortunately is still taboo. For me their thanks was a success that has been added to the sport, “confirms Bruni.

The hero theme – Coming out of a sample is a good example: it can increase the confidence of many fans who would succeed so do not see their sexual orientation as an obstacle to personal life and professional success. “It’s the hero’s theme: great power comes great responsibility” agrees Flack. “It is not easy but if a person is self-confident, as I thought that was Egonu, there will be big problems. The problems we will have them if we separate from each other by polarizing speeches.

Paola said in that interview unifying so many things, and what made the news? The only one that sets us apart. ” Silvia Guerriero

August 27, 2018 – Milan De Rossi and chestnuts. Ansa Roma Pride. And Atalanta comes to terms with Manolas. It ends 3-3 at the Olympic Stadium at the end of a match steeped in pathos. From Pearl Shepherd after 74 ” to goals from Chestnuts Rigoni (twice) at the close of the first half, until the responses of Florenzi and greek defender: a beautiful challenge.

Played by the hosts with Pastor reported from 1 ‘in the upper left and the Nerazzurri even start with 8 different players than the last challenge in Europe with Copenhagen. Magic – spend just 74 seconds and Shepherd lit night red and yellow with a magnificent shot of winning heel on Under: a sharp cross which is the condensation of Argentinian quality, deployed as a congenial role outside the top left corner.

A shot pool (backheel back to the door and ball carom on the pole and into the net) that sends the opponent into the hole and certifies once again the talent of former PSG. Yet Atalanta, wounded pride, not flustered and launches an assault on the Olsen camping door for long minutes in front of the edge and trying concluding with Rigoni (on one occasion at the 5 ‘close to par taking advantage of an unfortunate passage of Manolas) and Ali Adnan, whose shot was deflected for a corner by Fazio. collapse Giallorossi – In clear difficulties for the high pressure brought by the Nerazzurri literally possessed, by and by, the Giallorossi defense you fold 3 ‘: first the tap in Chestnut at 19’ after the inside of the post of Zapata, then the irresistible sparkle Rigoni to assist the Colombian striker (escaped Manolas) under the eyes of coach Roberto Mancini (present at the Olimpico), his coach last season for Zenit.

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